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silver granules and pearls on oyster shell


because we believe jewellery is precious,
we only use precious materials


Silver is one of nature’s noble metals. Considered to be precious both for its purity and lustrous properties, many ancient cultures have linked it to healing, immortality and protection. 

All Brave Edith jewellery is made using solid sterling silver, which is a minimum of 92.5% pure silver and a small proportion of copper, zinc or palladium. The additional metals make the alloy more durable as 100% fine silver is too delicate for most jewellery. To preserve nature’s reserves of this beautiful material, we only source silver from reputable suppliers and recycle our silver wherever possible. Our partner in India is SCS certified for silver recycling to assure social and environmental accountability.

All our gold items are gold vermeil, which is the highest grade of gold-plated sterling silver. To be classed as gold vermeil, jewellery must be made of solid sterling silver and plated with a minimum of 1.5 microns of 10 carat gold.  Brave Edith takes this standard higher, and we plate our gold vermeil items with an extra thick hard layer of 2.5 microns, 14 carat and 18 carat gold. This enables our plating to last longer than both standard gold-plated items and other gold vermeil pieces of thinner thickness. Our partner in India uses Fairmined certified gold which comes from artisanal and small-scale mining organisations. The certification guarantees that the gold has been extracted in harmony with nature, human dignity and sustainable development.

We also love the organic nature of pearls. Known for their lustrous nacre, we never use dyed pearls. Instead, we choose our freshwater and Tahitian pearls for their own unique hue and shapes.

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