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Brave Edith Token of Hope Campaign

November 22, 2019 1 min read

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For the months of November and December, jewellery brand, Brave Edith, is donating $30 for each piece of jewellery purchased online to Australian Red Cross' Emergency Relief Program for Migrants. The donations are part of an overall desire of the founder of Brave Edith, Stephanie Sieber, to create more meaningful jewellery - jewellery that makes you feel good, and jewellery that does good.

As one of around 500,000 people who fled Burma during WW2, Edith was part of the largest refugee migration at that time. She trekked for over 300 kilometres through rugged terrain, fighting extreme heat and exhaustion to reach the safety of India. She survived thanks to both her own determination and the generous help of others along the way.

Now, over 75 years later, Burma is again at the centre of a refugee crisis. It is important we recognise that life can change quickly and no matter how secure we are now, there may be a time when we urgently need the help of others. There is always need for compassion.

The funds raised by Brave Edith will be used to help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Australia who are in urgent need of financial and material support for life's necessities such as groceries, transport vouchers and essential medicines.

As we lead up to peak buying season with Black Friday sales and Christmas shopping, it feels like it is time to make the season more about giving and less about just buying.

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